It worked before, so I thought that I would try it again. This picture of Rhody is no more relevant to what I need to say than is to horticulture. It is just here to get you to stop and read what I need to say. Apparently, it worked.

This blog is new to me, and I am learning how it operates as I go. I started writing this blog as a place to put all of the gardening articles that I write for various newspapers on the Central and South Coasts of California, as well as other ‘elaborative’ articles. I also thought that it would make it easier for anyone who reads my articles to contact me with gardening questions or concerns, or suggestions for the gardening articles. All I had before was my e-mail, and for those in Santa Clara County, my telephone number. It was somewhat awkward because different newspapers allow different taglines to display the contact information, and some have none at all. Anyway, I thought that the ‘contact’ option on the blog would simplify all of that.

The problem is that I did not know how it all worked. I knew that my e-mail was getting clogged with messages informing me about every sort of activity on the blog. I got a message every time someone liked an article, liked a comment, made a comment, replied to a comment, liked a like, or whatever. Anything and everything came across as a message to my e-mail. I deleted almost all of it. I still can not figure out how to stop it from doing that.

Unfortunately, in the process, I deleted ALL of the messages telling me that I had messages since the beginning of September! I was wondering where they were going. I seriously did not intend to be so negligent about my correspondence.

I am very sorry for the inconvenience. Anyone who sent me a message can certainly resend it. I will be more careful about responding.

7 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Yes! Animals will always attract folks to a blog šŸ˜‰
    Let’s see if I can help you turn off those settings. I was getting slammed with those emails also and turned most notifications off.
    I assume you’re on a PC….
    Go to your site.
    Click the W in a circle on the top left to get your WP list.
    Go down to WP admin (bottom of list)
    Then go down to settings
    Then to discussion
    Scroll down and there will be check boxes for when to send you an email ie:
    Send when someone follows, or likes, or reblogs…
    Hope that helps!

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    1. Animals? That is Rhody.
      Anyway, I changes those settings earlier. I just went back to see how they were set, and they are where they should be. I should only get notified if a comment needs moderation. I do not know why I continue to get so much e-mail, and it is the e-mail that I should not be getting too. I mean, it is contrary to the settings. Thank you for your help anyway. After this experience, I will try more diligently to fix it.

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