P80104+I do not know where they went. There are plenty that are not worth getting pictures of, but the pretty and colorful ones that I wanted to show off in the ‘Six on Saturday’ post are gone. I suppose that they are still out there. They just are not as pretty and colorful as they were earlier.

Pistache leaves deteriorate quickly. They were very colorful while still in the trees, but were not much to look at by the time they were on the ground.

Ginkgo colored well too, but after I got that one picture of the single leaf, I could find no others. The tree that sent that leaf is not in the neighborhood. ( https://tonytomeo.wordpress.com/?s=birthday )

I suppose that I could have gotten a good picture of a colorful sweetgum leaf. I just did not bother with them. Nor did I bother with flowering pear.

California sycamore does not color very well. It was a bit more colorful this year than it typically is, with a bit more orange in the hazy brownish tan, but still nothing too flashy. The leaves are not very pretty anyway. They are sort of big and flabby . . . and awkwardly asymmetrical. I mean, every leaf seems to be disfigured. They are not neat and distinguished like maple leaves are. I took this picture of a deteriorating leaf of a California sycamore because it was more interesting than colorful. There is barely any gold or orange left in it. Gray blotches left from anthracnose or powdery mildew certainly do not add much to the color. This leaf is unusually big because it came from a vigorous watersprout.

The heart shaped cottonwood leaf is still somewhat gold, with gray around the edges. Cottonwoods actually color nicely in other climates. Local trees defoliated faster than the foliage could turn yellow. They really did not like the late weather this year.P80104++

6 thoughts on “Leaves Leave

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    For this Wednesday, I will not even try to comply with the ‘Horridculture’ meme. As I reblog old articles, I take what I can get. I could complain about the subdued autumn foliar color here, but I happen to appreciate our mild climate that does not get cool enough for better color.


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