P80124I just can not resist; although I do not intend to make a habit of this.

I know I am sending this late, and that it is already Sunday east of India. It is still before noon on Saturday here. These pictures are not mine, but were used as illustrations for the selection of a town tree and a town flower for Los Gatos. There were more, but these are my six favorites; four trees and three flowers. I know that sounds like seven instead of six, but that is only because apricot can be either the town tree ‘or’ the town flower. Selection is limited to specie that are either native, or of cultural significance. The three trees besides apricot are native here, where the Santa Cruz Mountains meet the Santa Clara Valley, and the Los Gatos Creek forms a small alluvial plain. Apricot trees, which bloom with apricot ‘flowers’ were the main orchard crop here longer than anyone can remember, until only a few decades ago. Arroyo lupine is native on the alluvial plain of the Los Gatos Creek; and cat tails are native to the marsh surrounding Los Gatos Creek.

1 – California sycamorePLATANUSRACEMOSA

2 – valley oakQUERCUSLOBATA

3 – coast live oakQUERCUSAGRIFOLIA




Cat tail would be my favorite choice for the town flower because this is the town of the Cats. Apricot would be my second favorite flower, only because cat tail is so appropriate, and also because apricot is my favorite for the town tree (and we can not have it do double duty). coast live oak is my second favorite for the town tree because it is native to both the Santa Clara Valley ‘and’ the Santa Cruz Mountains.

This is the link for Six on Saturday, for anyone else who would like to participate:


17 thoughts on “Six on Saturday: Town Tree and Town Flower for the Kitty City

      1. Probably, as there are a lot of oak trees in Oregon. Here on Vancouver Island, we have the Garry Oaks. They are often found on rock outcroppings, where they don’t get very big. But, when they are grown in garden soil, they can get huge.

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  1. Cat tail would be my choice also. Here in the UK we call it “Bullrush”. It’s a plant I’ve always wanted to grow in my pond but it’s a bit too invasive and has a reputation for piercing pond liners with its roots so I just look and admire from afar.

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    1. I thought that we had more oaks than anyone! Coast live oak and valley oak are only the two most prominent around Los Gatos. There are several more specie in the Santa Cruz mountains, and the blue oak lives over in Almaden where the Mountains meet the Valley. There are several scrub oaks, Shreeve oak, California black oak, canyon live oak, tan oak and so on. There are enough oaks here that there is a big book about the ‘Oaks of California’. They live all over the state, and even in San Diego where the winters are probably as mild as yours. If you can grow English oak, you can grow all sorts of Californian oaks.

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    1. I really can not remember which ones I took. I know that the lupine is mine. The valley oak was a photograph by Karen Ashera. The tree is between Morgan Hill and San Martin, near where I used to grow citrus trees.

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