With such lush foliage, Chinese evergreen is a bold houseplant alone, and is also quite compatible with all other houseplants.

It is no coincidence that Chinese evergreen, Aglaonema, is perhaps the most common tropical plant for interiorscapes. It is quite easy to care for, and available in so many unique personalities. Many have rich deep green foliage. Most are elegantly variegated with white, silvery gray or gold. Leaf shape is quite variable, although most have rather narrow leaves radiating outward from dense rosettes. Leaves can be half a foot to more than a foot long, and a bit more than an inch to almost six inches wide. Mature plants are at least a foot tall and a foot and a half broad.

Indirect sun exposure or partial shade is best. Chinese evergreen likes humidity, so likes to share sheltered enclosed atriums with other lush foliage plants. New plants are easy to propagate by division.


4 thoughts on “Chinese Evergreen

    1. It was a trendy houseplant thirty years ago or so. We studied them in school. However, they are less popular now. I got this picture about nine years ago, in December of 2012. It seems to me that they were more popular at that time than they are now, since I do not notice many at all anymore.

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    1. They were popular when I was in school and afterward, but have become less popular over the decades. I can not explain why. Houseplants that are more popular now are not so reliable. I have seen a few that were less than exemplary, but only because they got roasted by a warm Santa Ana Wind, or by too much fertilizer.


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