61228Pictures are probably prettier than the real thing. Australian fuchsia, Correa pulchella, really does bloom with pendulous soft pink flowers through winter when not much else is blooming. However, the flowers are quite small, and the color is rather hazy. The real appeal of Australian fuchsia is that it is so undemanding, and once established, only needs watering a few times through summer.

Mature plants get a bit higher than two feet, and maybe twice as wide, with a low mounding form. The small evergreen leaves have a nice density without any pruning. Obtrusive plants do not mind getting pruned back or even shorn for confinement, but are deprived or their naturally appealing form and texture if pruned too frequently. Good exposure for both sunlight and warmth is important.


5 thoughts on “Australian Fuchsia

    1. It is hardy to everything but hard frost. Because we do not get hard frost here, it is really tough once established, and needs no watering. However, it probably is not as pretty as the close up picture makes it look. The flowers are small and rather hazy. It is used more like a mounding juniper than happens to have these small blooms on it. It bloom less in slightly shady spots, but the fewer flowers show up better in the slightly sparser foliage. That is why some people grow it something like a fuchsia, for the flower more than for the tough foliage.


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