70111It may not always bloom profusely, but sweet pea shrub, Polygala fruticosa, blooms sporadically through most of the year. Even when not much color is evident from a distance, a few flowers can likely be found on closer inspection. For some reason, bloom seems to be quite colorful now. Bloom phases should be more profuse in spring and summer. The pea flowers are soft purplish pink.

Mature plants might only get to two or three feet tall and wide, but have the potential to get larger. They are usually a bit wider than tall, with a nice rounded compact form. The evergreen foliage is slightly grayish light green. Sweet pea shrub prefers full sun exposure, but can get roasted in hot spots. A bit of shade should not be a problem. Once established, it does not need too much water.

9 thoughts on “Sweet Pea Shrub

    1. Quite a few of our popular landscape plants are from there, and some of the more unusual ones as well. However, there are many that should be more popular because they are so well adapted to the climate here. Aloes really should be more popular than they are, and are more ‘landscape friendly’ than our agaves.

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  1. I planted seeds in my garden many years ago to add some colour to my hedge and they still grow every year sprouting up in April and flowering throughout the summer either in the colours on your photos or white. They have also spread their seeds in the surrounding meadow and flower beds and they grow tall if they can climb, otherwise along the ground. In September they gradually disappear again. I like them very much

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