He might be the best landscape designer in West Hollywood, but he is an idiot nonetheless. Besides that, he takes worthless pictures. That is why I do not have any good pictures of his Mid City Los Angeles Jungalow garden to post. I will share a few of what I have, but they really do not show it off like it should be. ( https://tonytomeo.wordpress.com/2018/01/28/dreamscape-at-the-jungalow/ )


Of course, the prettiest thing in the Jungalow garden is Grace, my niece. This is an old picture. She is learning to drive now! Oh my! She gets here cuteness from her mother; and she looks more like both of her grandmothers than her parents.


She is adorable and knows how to use it.


This ‘Charles Grimaldi’ Angel’s trumpet is the same one that provided the flowers for an illustration in Sunset – Western Garden Book, although I do not remember in which year.


This Bismarkia palm was supposed to be sent to my garden, but like so many plants that are to be sent to my garden, Brent killed it first. Brent is an idiot!


Brent recycled this Mexican fan palm and installed it at the curb in front of the Jungalow as a memorial tree when his brother Brian passed away a few years ago. It is quite tall now, and from the Santa Monica Freeway, it can be seen standing above the other foliage crowding the Jungalow.


This is one of seven (!) queen palms at the Jungalow.


This very fragrant pink jasmine climbs to the top of the hedge to the south of the Jungalow and blooms every winter. It gets cut down afterward, and starts the climb over again. Unfortunately, there is a serious problem with an objectionable aroma of a herd of feral cats next door. (That might be a topic for later.)


Beanie is a good dog who deserves to live with someone who is not such an idiot. The lawn is artificial turf that was installed as a demo for clients. The strangler fig wall in the background is the old garage that was converted to Brent’s office, with the upper deck on the roof. That is where I sleep when I need to go to Southern California. Brent does not like me sleeping on the upper deck, but he is an idiot. I like it up there because the dogs are not so bothersome. The blue wall on the south side of the deck obscures the noise from the Santa Monica Freeway, as well as the view of the backyard and home next door. The foliage above the deck is the neighbor’s avocado tree that I wrote about earlier.


This is a dwarf pampas grass in the parkstrip. The facade of the home is in the background.


This is the facade of the home, barely visible behind all the foliage. I could never understand why Brent wants to obscure such a cute bungalow. He is an idiot. However, he is also the landscape designer. The door is actually a gate that was added to the arch over the porch. The front door is behind it. To the left, there is a small porch that is open above, with a low wall in front. Brent added some ornamental iron to enclose the space. It is quite nice how it all worked out, even though Brent is an idiot.


This is the street out front, shaded by all the tipu trees that Brent planted. Brent has been planting street trees on other street in the neighborhood for twenty years. We started doing it on January 18, 1998! This is an old picture. The trees are bigger now, although some of the neighbors have cut some down. Apparently, Brent is not the only idiot.

Now, I will try to find some pictures of my garden for comparison.

20 thoughts on “Brent is an Idiot!

  1. Despite what you may think of him, Brent has designed a very comfortable, cozy looking yard for his mid-city house. Too bad about the Bismarkia Palm, but the other palms look good, and add a California touch to the yard. I can imagine this home being featured in Sunset as a nicely landscaped mid-city home!

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    1. It really looks like something you would see in Sunset! It is amazing that there is so much in such a small urban parcel! Everyone who sees it is impressed in a major way. Did I mention that Brent is an idiot?


  2. A luxuriant and abundant garden. And I like the street trees – I have never heard of tipu before. I looked it up. We have them here, but they are considered a weed as they seed prolifically and escape into the bush.

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    1. Oh yes, I have heard that they do that in some regions. In Los Angeles, potentially invasive plants can not get too far. Riparian plants that get into the Los Angeles River and nearby riparian areas are more of a problem.


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