80620Why would anyone want to grow annual gazania when perennial gazania that is popularly grown as ground cover lasts for several years? Well, as long as the weather stays warm, annual gazania blooms with an impressive abundance of bigger and more brightly colored flowers. Perennial gazania blooms less profusely and only in midsummer, with simpler and somewhat smaller flowers.

Flowers are warm shades of orange, red, yellow, pink, beige and white, typically with intricate patterns of stripes and spots of other colors of the same range, as well as chocolatey brown. Each upward facing daisy flower is as wide as three inches or maybe four. They close up at night and during cloudy weather, and stay closed briefly in the morning until they warm up a bit in the sunlight.

Mature plants typically do not get much more than six inched deep, but can get twice as deep if crowded. They have no problem getting nearly a foot wide though. Foliage is only slightly bronzed; not quite bronze, but not rich green either. The pretty gray undersides of the leaves are obscured from view by the density of the foliage. Gazania needs full exposure, and is quite tolerant of heat.

11 thoughts on “Annual Gazania

    1. Do the annual or perennials or both proliferate? I like the perennial types as groundcover, but they eventually get bald spots that must be plugged. Because gardeners do not bother to do that, they just replace the entire area.


    1. The perennial ground cover types are too common in some places, but these more colorful annuals could be more common. I think that they are more resilient than the more popular summer annuals, but are less popular because most of us think of them as common groundcover.


    1. Too hot!? Gads! I know that they do that in the Mojave Desert, but it gets VERY hot and arid there. I think that they tolerate the heat better in conjunction with humidity. Ours are looking tired right now, but I think that is just because of the change in weather. It does not get very hot here.


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