P80624This is it; the big day. I will delay it no longer. I said that I would upgrade quite some time ago, but had not yet done so. https://tonytomeo.wordpress.com/2018/06/24/upgrade/

Will this upgrade improve anything? I really do not know. I tried to do a bit of research in regard to the advantages of an upgrade, and could find very little of the information that I was looking for. It seems to me that upgrading will initiate more work for me, but will not necessarily make my articles more accessible or appealing. I will need to make improvements to the presentation of my articles on my own. Upgrading makes these improvements possible, but does not execute improvements without my efforts and direction. Nor does it change the content to improve accuracy for a broader audience. My articles will still be half a year late-or-early for Australia and all other places in the Southern Hemisphere. Harsh summer heat and winter cold will still be topics that will be lacking merely because the climate here lacks such variables. Upgrading can do only so much.

After my minimal research, I determined that the most efficient means by which to determine if an upgrade would be beneficial is to try it.

Something should be done. The newspaper group that I started writing for nearly twenty years ago no longer features my gardening column. Other newspapers that feature it only do so occasionally. Some do it monthly. Some do it when space is available. One of the larger newspapers features it weekly, but only for their online version. It is not easy to justify writing my articles if they are not being distributed like they had been.

By the time you read this, the upgrade will have been initiated. We will see what happens.

25 Yrs


11 thoughts on “Upgrade Today

  1. Looks good. Everything’s easy to navigate, and nicely laid out. This is one of the few times I’ve wished I were on Facebook, so I could promote it there, but maybe I can find a proxy to do it for me!

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    1. That is what I want to hear. I do not want it to change too much. I really do not know how it all works. Advertisements will probably be the most noticeable difference.


  2. Good luck! As for things in other hemispheres, it’s interesting, because people search for appropriate articles on line at the time they need them. Early in my blogging I did a lot of how to things, from square foot gardening and gardening in small spaces, to building trellises with local bamboo. Every year, I can see spring coming across the northern hemisphere by the blog posts being accessed. It’s kind of a hoot and reassuring that certain articles have staying power. Check the stat’s!

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      1. I suppose. There is also the possibility that my readers here are still reading my gardening column in their local newspapers or in the online versions of their newspapers, so do not register on the blog.

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      2. When we were in LA the last two times we probably saw more Australian (Anigoxanthos, Banksia), NZ – e.g. phormiums, cordylines, and South African plants (various fynbos and grasstrees) than Californian ones. There is some interest here for Californian plants but to be honest you don’t see them much outside botanic gardens. I think it’s partly that Californians do interesting things with our plants.


      3. The Californian plants are not as interesting, and can be difficult to work with. Ceanothus, for example, does not want to be pruned or shorn, and lives only a few years. Even within California, we use plants that are native to California, but not our region. We pretend that they are native because they are from the same state, as if Lake Tahoe and Palm Springs are the same thing. We happen to have some of the most excellent plants in the universe here, and they are just fine out in the forest, but for home gardening, there are not really many real natives to choose from.


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