P80811KHow can anyone eat them? No only do people eat them, but many people enjoy them, and some even consider them to be their favorite vegetable!
Carrots are ridiculously bright orange. They try to make themselves appealingly colorful like summery flowers or oranges. Something that grows underground has no business being that bright orange! About the time that typically bright orange California poppies became available in sickly purple, pale white, orangish red and a few other colors, carrots with the same colors also became available! Coincidence? I think not.
Carrots have that distinctively weird texture. Radishes have that perfect crunch. Beets are firm but cook up so nicely. All of the various root vegetables have the perfect texture that works for them; except for carrots. They try to mimic radishes, but are not as succulent and crisp. They are a bit more firm like turnips, but they can not get that technique down either. They are just nasty!
Carrots have that distinctive flavor . . . or unflavor. What does it taste like? No one can give a straight answer. Carrots can seem to taste mildly sweet, but it is all deception! People just say that about carrots because they do not taste like anything else!
Carrots have that distinctive evil shape. They are long drawn out roots that reach straight for Hell, from whence they came! If it were such a great shape other root vegetables would use it.
Carrots grow underground where we can not see what they are up to. What are they doing down there? That region of the garden below the surface of the soil should be reserved exclusively for turnips, beets, potatoes, onions, yams and any other subterranean vegetables that are actually good for something. Why waste space on evil carrots?

32 thoughts on “Carrots Are EVIL!

    1. They are not evil.
      I happen to like turnips when someone who knows how to cook them cooks them. I grew turnip greens for a few years, and then just grew turnips, and took the greens from them before giving them to the neighbors. I know they are not the same, but they were good enough for me.


    1. I ‘can’ eat apricots, and I really enjoy growing them. I just do not like them much. Carrots really gross me out! Carrot cake makes not sense. Why would anyone want to put carrots into a cake?! That is far worse than clam pancakes.

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  1. Mmmm….I like them raw, sautéed, baked…but I have to agree with you about the cake. Yuck. And they have different flavors–that’s why it’s hard to describe. Some are sweet and some are just carroty. But neeps are very good, too. I am getting ready to plant some for a fall crop.

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