P90512A new lawn is getting installed at work. Yes, installed. It will not be grown like lawns were decades ago. It will be unrolled and fastened into place, not like sod, but more like carpet. It will be synthetic artificial turf. After considerable deliberation, it was determined to be the most practical option for the particular application. The real turf that was there before succumbed to excessive traffic above and very sandy soil below.
The contractor who will be installing this lawn sent a sample piece of it prior to the final installation. We actually do not know why we got a sample, since we already know what the particular artificial turf is like. There was some concern that it would get too warm in sunlight, but it arrived with no explanation. It was unrolled onto the asphalt driveway at our maintenance shops, and surrounded with cones to protect it from getting driven on.
Rhody wasted no time in trying it out. Obviously, he found it to be quite satisfactory. He rolls around on it and tried to dig into it like it is real grass. With all the fallen locust flowers and cottonwood fuzz, it even looks like a real lawn in need of raking. I certainly hope that it does not expect to be watered and mowed as well.
You might think that all horticulturists would automatically dislike artificial turf. Yet, I am not the only one who prefers it to real turf grass in some situations. You see, real turf takes so much effort that those of us who enjoy horticulture would rather put into other more interesting and productive chores. After all, lawn is the most demanding feature of most landscapes, but is also the most monotonous and boring. Many of the best get no use.P90512+

By the way, this article was intended for yesterday. The article that should have posted today got posted yesterday instead. I am sorry for the glitch of chronology.


26 thoughts on “Fake New Lawn

  1. Interesting. I’m doing a presentation on garden trends, pointing out the high monetary and environmental cost of turf grass. I had not mentioned artificial turf but will in the next presentation. After all, if it is dog approved, there is something to be said for it!

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      1. That’s how I feel about things too. Real or none. Like “plastic” siding. Oh, I know there are those who will tout the wonders of never painting, etc. and swear it “looks just like wood,” but, no, it doesn’t. I can tell from the street. In fact, I will say as we drive through neighborhoods, “Plastic siding,” or “plastic fence.” I admit laminate flooring is beautiful, and would hold up to my dogs. But, *I* would know it wasn’t wood!
        That “lawn” could turn out looking like the neighbor of Kris’ in this recent post! It has wrinkles! Wrinkles in front of a house that probably would go for a few million!


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      2. Oh my! How embarrassing! When I was still working for a landscape company, one of our athletic fields in Morgan Hill just rolled up and blew away! That was pretty lame!


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    After this article posted in 2019, the new fake lawn was installed, but with a very minor glitch. The quantity of material was very slightly insufficient to finish the lawn. A small bare patch was to remain until a small piece of material arrived to patch it. Instead, someone remembered the sample at the yard, which Rhody had already claimed. A piece of the sample patched the bare spot, and the lawn was complete. Rhody, however, was temporarily annoyed by the deprivation of his new lawn. Later, we went to where the new lawn had been installed, and Rhody somehow located his patch of lawn. He was pleased to flip around and sprawl and do what little dogs do on their lawns, and finally claimed it before we left, just so that everyone knows that he owns it.


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