P90616These are perfect conditions for crop circles. Even without any convenient grain crops, there is plenty of tall grass in unmanaged and ungrazed fields. All this grass needs is to be crafted into crop circles.
The first crop circles that I ever witnessed were made by cows. I was not much more than six, and my younger brother who found them was not much more than five. No one bothered to explain to us that cows were related to cattle who grazed nearby. Consequently, we had no concept of what cows were.
Earlier in the day, we had discovered what was described to us as a ‘cow pie’. Naturally, we were skeptical. It looked just like what cattle leave behind, which was not good. I was not about to try it, so got my younger brother to taste it. Apparently, it tasted about as bad as it looked. It seemed quite suspicious that a cow would made such an unappealing pie, and then just leave it out on the ground like that.
When we found the first of a few crop circles, our older sister and her friend told us that it and those we found afterward were made by the same cow or cows who made the unappetizing pie. Apparently, cows like to lay down in long grass. Although we did not know what a cow looked like, we ascertained from the sizes and shapes of the crop circles that the cows who made them were quite large and somewhat circular.
Furthermore, since we did not see any trails leading to or from the crop circles, we deduced that the the cows who made them flew in from above. We were very intelligent kids.
Of course, since then, I found that baby deer make small crop circles; but because they have such long and lanky legs, they do not leave such obvious trails leading to and from such crop circles either. There is no need to fly in from above.
Rhody made a very small crop circle, and because he is so lean, did not leave much of a trail coming or going. He is not tall enough to step over the grass, but is narrow enough to get through it without disturbing it much.P90616+


22 thoughts on “Crop Circles

      1. He does not care. He thought that it would be as good as I told him it would be, but then realized that I was either mistaken, or that I had more discriminating taste. Either way, it is unimportant.


  1. HAHAHAHA!!!! Very good! I can’t believe you had your brother sample a cow pie! That is so funny! I bet the look on his face was priceless!!! I admit, though, you had me stumped about the cows making crop circles for a while.

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  2. Your droll sense of humor never fails to bring a smile — or an occasional guffaw. As for the cow pies, I never knew anyone to taste those, but I did have a grade school classmate who would eat a spoonful of dirt for a nickel. In those days, a nickel would buy a lot at the candy counter. Root beer barrels were three for a penny.

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      1. Well, I mean it as wholly complimentary. Droll to me is humor that requires a little thought; it’s not snark or sarcasm or cheap shots, or anything like that. It’s maybe a little quirky and creative. Nice, anyhow.

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