Now that blue elderberries are ripening. I need to gather mine while I can. This is reblogged from Felton League, because it describes why gathering blue elderberries is not as easy as it was only a few years ago.

Felton League

Fashion trendsetters we are not. Some of us wear clothing that was donated by others partly because it was no longer in style. We take what we can get.

Nor do we start trends of electronics technology. Most of us are
satisfied with the basics, or none at all.

Most of us are not at all interested in keeping up with the trends
that others indulge in.

Yet, somehow, we inadvertently started a culinary trend that we
probably should have kept as our secret.

Black elderberry had already become a culinary and medicinal fad.
It started with medicinal black elderberry products, such as herbal
extracts and tinctures, to stimulate the immune system. From there,
black elderberry tea, syrup, candy and (cooked) juice were
popularized as more culinarily appealing options for exploiting the
health benefits of this rediscovered fruit. Even old fashioned
products made from the flowers became trendy.

All theā€¦

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