Felton League is another blog that I sometimes share articles from here with. This is the first article from Felton League that got shared here. It is more about ‘Workday’ that was posted here earlier.

Felton League

Workday at Felton Presbyterian Church, from eight to noon on Saturday, July 27.

Yes, that was yesterday. I would have written about it earlier, and in time to plan for it; but I was just informed about it less than a day earlier, on Friday morning. Fortunately, plenty of parishioners attended and got quite a bit done. In the future, we will need to be more diligent about announcing the workdays at lunch on Tuesdays. Even though some of us who attended more regularly in the past are no longer here, there are newcomers.

The biggest project was the removal of those rotting benches on
the northern half of the patio out front. The sturdy posts that
supported them for all these years were surprisingly sound, and the
last few needed to be pulled out by a pickup with a tow chain. It was
a mess, but worth theā€¦

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4 thoughts on “Workday

    1. Oh, they are just lily-of-the-Nile, or agapanthus. They are so common here than many dislike them. I still really dig them. They were the first perennials I propagated by division on a big scale when I was in junior high school. Mine were even more old fashioned, with bigger and flabbier leaves, but they are still my favorite. I also have white that looks just like the bloom while not blooming.


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