90320The weather here is excellent for growing all sorts of fruits and vegetables, but is not exactly ideal for bell peppers. Cool nights between warm days are comfortable for us, but limit production of even the healthiest and most robust of plants. Although they like warm nights, the fruit can be sensitive to hot days, and can even get scalded. Bell pepper plants like rich soil and regular watering.

Bell peppers lack capsaicin, which causes other peppers (‘chiles’) to be distinctively ‘hot.’ The fruits of the more popular varieties of green bell pepper are generally harvested while immature, but would otherwise ripen to red. However, most popular red bell peppers are different varieties that produce somewhat elongated fruits with milder flavor. Other varieties produce orange or yellow fruits. Uncommon purple, lavender, brown and white bell peppers are just . . . weird.90320thumb

6 thoughts on “Bell Peppers

  1. I have some scalded peppers in my garden now. the spate of hot, hot, dry, dry weather has done it. They are my signal always that I need to water as they wilt first. The signal that I REALLY need to water is if the okra is drooping.

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    1. OKRA! WOW! The heat is what makes it possible to grow okra well. I ‘can’ grow it, but it is not very productive. It does not get very hot, and when it does, it cools off a bit at night.

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