P90914KWildlife is a topic that is notably lacking from my articles. I mention only that which must be ‘escorted’ out of the landscapes, like Halston Junior. Gophers, racoons, squirrels, rats, skunks, mice, opossums, rabbits, deer, mountain lions, coyotes, rattlesnakes, turkeys, geese, woodpeckers, jays, crows, bees, wasps, mosquitoes, flies and feral boars can potentially be problematic.

There are probably at least a few more. This list does not even include bad neighbors or domestic animals. Nor does it include foxes, just because they eat mice, rats and snails, and do not seem to cause any problems. Butterflies and most birds, except those listed, are quite tolerable. Insects and mites that damage plants deserve their own list. I don’t know where ticks fit in.

Most unwelcome wildlife at least tries to stay out of my way. Others seem to make sport of antagonizing me. Skunks try to be friendly; but I must pass on that. Turkeys are . . . just turkeys.

This strangely calm black-chinned hummingbird who watches me from the same spot in a flowering cherry tree is either unaware of my disdain for wildlife, or is merely unconcerned about it. He just sits there . . . silently . . . observing . . . as if plotting or scheming or . . . something. He seems to be harmless; but I really don’t know. He could have sharp talons or another weapon!

I named him Mr. McNugget.

His species is apparently rare. I had nothing to do with that. Even if I believed that he tastes like chicken, I couldn’t catch him anyway. His kind fly at supersonic speed! He might use one of those ‘transporters’ like on Star Trek. Besides, I really don’t want to mess with that. A feral boar would be easier.


21 thoughts on “Mr. McNugget

  1. I have witnessed quite an assortment of hummingbirds – red throated, green and purple ones, but nary a one like Mr. McNugget. Send this cutie to my house when you get tired of him. I’ll distract the cats and crazy dog.

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      1. I doubt that the Ohlone had any reason to go to Mount Umhunhum often, but it is obvious how it got its name from anywhere around it. All sorts of hummingbirds are more common there than elsewhere.

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    1. Oh, that is horrible! They can be vicious with each other, but are too fast and nimble to be caught.
      I work with fearless arborists who are afraid of nothing . . . well almost nothing. They have no problem going into backyards with vicious dogs or chasing off angry raccoons. However, they are terrified of nesting hummingbirds!

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      1. Male hummingbirds lead a very solitary life. They breed with females and that’s it. The female raises the babies. Males stake out a hummingbird feeder as their property and I’m not sure they let females drink at it. They drive away all male intruders.

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      2. The green hummingbirds are pretty good about sharing with others in their familiar herd. Weirdly, there are not many females among them. Sometimes there are exclusively males. I don’t know what species they are. There are some that seem to be ruby throated hummingbirds too, but they are not supposed to live here.


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