91002Bugs Bunny was an expert. He was always chewing on a carrot, Daucus carota, and rudely talking with his mouth full. Because carrots can be stored in refrigeration for a few months, Bugs Bunny could get one whenever he wanted to. However, in home gardens, they are cool season vegetables that are grown through spring and autumn, but not through summer or the middle part of winter.

Carrots are biennial. They complete their life cycle in two seasons. They are vegetative during their first season, as they produce their edible and elongated conical taproot. If not harvested, they bloom and go to seed in their second season. By then, their fat roots are tough and useless. Carrots are ready for harvest in three to four months after their seed are sown, depending on variety.

Carrots are famously bright orange. Yellow, white, red, purple and black varieties have been gaining popularity in the past many years. The longest carrots might be a foot and a half long, but most are less than half as long. Many are only about four inches long, or less. They may be as narrow as half an inch, or wider than two inches! Some carrots are more uniformly cylindrical than conical.

6 thoughts on “Carrot

  1. Carrots are orange today because the dutch growers made them orange to reflect their national colour…originally they were black, purple and darker shades….like the heritage carrots you can now get to grow….wild carrot makes a fabulous flower essence all about giving comfort and support to anyone feeling vulnerable. All the best Claire

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    1. The orange color was a bit more than I could fit into the limited space in the gardening column. (The space limitation is why the featured plants on Tuesdays and Fridays are all the same length, except only for those that take up the extra bit from the main topics on Mondays and Thursdays.) I actually loathe carrots, and would have preferred to not write about it. (GAG!) Weirdly though, even though I know nothing about essences, I happen to like the bloom of the wild carrot. I know it as Queen Anne’s lace, although it is different from the cut flower sort. I do not cut it myself, but I like seeing it in the homes of others. It really is a homey flower.

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    1. I so loathe carrots that I only grow those that I am instructed to grow. I am fortunate that the neighbors had only wanted orange varieties so far, including Danvers (I think). I suppose I would not mind trying others, since I dislike eating them anyway. I mean, black, purple and whatever carrots can’t be any worse than the orange.

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