91030It really would be nice to be able to transform a pumpkin into a chauffeured coach to ride to the ball, just by waving a magic wand over it. A Buick would be even more excellent! Over the years, as the variety of new Buicks has diminished to not much more than a few SUVs that are scarcely more stylish than pumpkins, the variety of pumpkins has grown crazily. Form is not following function.

You see, for longer than anyone can document, pumpkins were grown merely for food. They still make much better pie than other winter squash would. Many varieties produce nicely edible seeds and bloom. In fact, some types are grown specially for their hullless seeds, which are known as pepitas, or for pumpkin seed oil. Nowadays though, pumpkins are more ornamental than culinary.

Decades ago, bright orange pumpkins with relatively thin shells became more popular than the more brownish orange and thicker shelled culinary types. They are more colorful, and more easily carved into Jack-O’-lanterns, but not quite as richly flavored. Since then, white, yellow, pink, red, green and bluish gray pumpkins have become available, in all sorts of shapes, sizes and textures.

4 thoughts on “Pumpkin

  1. Not being a pumpkin country as such, they are mainly grown individually for fun and for perhaps a pumpkin soup. For me a good subject for a photo. We do not celebrate halloween so much. some farmers might have a few fields for grocery production, but more the exception than the rule.

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    1. Pumpkins are a big deal in Half Moon Bay on the coast of San Mateo County not far from here. The annual Half Moon Bay Pumpkin Festival was one of the original local festivals, like the Gilroy Garlic Festival, back before so many other towns got in on hosting their particular festivals. I went to school with Pumpkin Queen 1985! I do like pumpkins, but the whole Halloween scene is ridiculous.

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