Fleas are supposedly repelled by society garlic. The ungracious name of fleabane implies that it is something they are none too keen on either. There are no fleas here with whom to inquire.

Society garlic could be propagated by division into smaller clumps or individual shoots. However, it is not popular enough for a position in an irrigated landscape. The aroma is quite strong.

Fleabane got shared into other landscapes just because it happens to work well here.

1. Society garlic, Tulbaghia violacea, was removed from one site before it could be installed into another. It got heeled in temporarily at the nursery, where it replaced old foliage with new.P91221-1

2. It got relocated to a permanent location now that the rainy season started. It looks shabby from the move, but will recover efficiently. Once established, it will survive without irrigation.P91221-2

3. Fleabane, Erigeron karvinskianus, that cascades so nicely over this low retaining wall gets cut back annually so that it does not get shabby from mild frost over winter, or overgrown later.P91221-3

4. The fleabane is appealing, but so is the granite behind it. The roots remain in the wall, to regenerate through next year. Only rooted stems at the base or on top of the wall get removed.P91221-4

5. Rooted bits got plugged above a low concrete wall nearby. It can not root into concrete, but can cascade over. Unrooted debris got buried in this shallow trench above another granite wall.P91221-5

6. There is not much to see after it got buried. It will grow like weeds and start to cascade by spring. Over a few years, it will root into the granite wall, just like the wall it was removed from.P91221-6

This is the link for Six on Saturday, for anyone else who would like to participate:


5 thoughts on “Six on Saturday: No Fleas

    1. Favorites?!?! That garlic can be nasty when it gets warm. I will eventually like it where it was planted, because it needs no irrigation, and it is out of the way. I would not want it any closer. Fleabane is a pleasure to work with, but it is rather mundane. It is native nearby.

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    1. Because I do not know how it repels fleas, or if it really does, I do not know what other insects, if any, it repels. I think that if it were actually useful for such applications, it would be more popular as such. It is rarely planted intentionally, and when it is, it is only because it is so resilient. It really grows like a weed. I am getting to like it here because no one minds when I cut it back and pull some of it out.


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