After 1,001 posts, I am taking a break . . . sort of. Really, I have been up all night on Christmas Eve, finishing my gardening column for next week. Now that I have finished, there is not sufficient time to write something for the blog within the next few minutes before midnight, (when I schedule my articles to post). I know I could post something after midnight, but will instead reblog this post from two years ago. I know that it is Wednesday, when I write something within the ‘Horidculture’ meme, but that somehow seems inappropriate for Christmas. Since I established this blog on September 1 of 2017, and did not post anything for September 2, this is only the second day that I did not post something new.


Update: After sending the gardening column out late last night, I was informed that the King City Rustler has been distributing it to the Morgan Hill Times, the Gilroy Dispatch and the Hollister Free Lance, for monthly publication. (Editors select from weekly articles.) I wrote for these three newspapers until the column was discontinued from them a few years ago. I was not aware that they were again publishing it. Nor do I know how long they have been doing so. It was a pleasant surprise.

As much as I dislike the tradition of exchanging gifts for Christmas, this was a rather delightful gift.

I really should see if the articles are being distributed anywhere else that I am not aware of. It would be nice to find that they are being published in Ventura County, which is the only coastal county between San Jose and Los Angeles that I have not yet written for (that I am aware of). It is difficult to know what newspapers are doing nowadays.

Tony Tomeo

P71225Does anyone else think that it is odd that Baby Jesus got only some frankincense, myrrh and gold for His first Christmas? I mean, it was the first Christmas ever, and that was the best that anyone could do? Well, maybe those gifts were something important back then. Maybe it was a good heap of gold. It just seems to me that three ‘wise’ men could have procured better gifts. More than two thousand years later, some of us are disappointed if we do not get a new Lexus on Jesus’ birthday, after He got only frankincense, myrrh and gold. (Get your own birthday!)

Although I do not remember my first Christmas, I know that my parents and others got excellent Christmas gifts for us kids when we were young. Our stocking that hung over the fireplace were filled with a mix of nuts, mandarin oranges, cellophane wrapped hard candies…

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8 thoughts on “Merry Christmas!

  1. How wonderful to have had family encouraging you to be a gardener. A delightful article.

    Everyone deserves a break sometime. I look forward to some days off from blogging in winter. Only Mr Tootlepedal’s blog (of the ones I read) has managed to go every day for years and years.

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    1. I’m not sure if they encouraged me or just gave me what I wanted.
      Weirdly (very weirdly), my ancestors have been in thee Santa Clara Valley loner than most, but were not involved with the orchards. They operated a foundry in Alviso. Their home gardening was intense though. My Pa is now a Bonsai Master in Kitsap County.


    1. Thank you. I never intended to post articles daily, and do not intend to continue doing so. I do not really write daily, since the articles that get posted on Mondays and Tuesdays are just my weekly gardening column, and the articles that get posted on Thursdays and Fridays are from the same gardening column from a few years ago. I only write ‘other’ articles on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays.


  2. Hope You have a great Christmas Tony, have really enjoyed reading your posts, it is quite a thing to have written every day for so long. On the gifts given to Jesus…we are only just starting to realise the healing properties of Frankincense and Myrrh and there is an argument that the gold may well have been Yellow/Gold Turmeric powder….another healing substance. Have a great break, Claire

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