Jade plant has some weird cultivars.

Good old fashioned jade plant has a few interesting cultivars (cultivated varieties) that exhibit variations of color, texture and form. Hobbit’s pipe, Crassula ovata ‘Hobbit’, is similar to classic jade plant in form and color. It is only slightly lighter green, and only a bit shorter. The succulent stems are just as plump and gray. The small and round-topped clusters of pale pink or white flowers that bloom sporadically are just as unimpressive. What is unique about hobbit’s pipe is the weirdly tubular foliage. Each leaf is rolled into a cylinder, with a hollow tip.

Mature plants do not often get much more than two feet tall and broad, although they have the potential to get twice as large. Because they are more sensitive to frost than other jade plants, hobbit’s pipe should be grown in sheltered spots, or pots that can be moved to sheltered spots through the coldest part of winter. Foliage that is too exposed during the warmest weather of summer can get roasted. Hobbit’s pipe can tolerate a slight bit of shade, so can be happy as a houseplant.

9 thoughts on “Hobbit’s Pipe

  1. Ummm… The plant in question is part of the “Hobbit Group” and appears to me to be ‘Ladyfingers’ because of its longer leaves. My first was Crassula ovata ‘Lady Fingers’ now I have ‘Gollum’. I am not sure where the name ‘Hobbit’s Pipe’ is coming from… A new name for the same plant… I will check it out. Thanks for sharing!

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      1. For many genera that are overly hybridized, the species names are obsolete. The names go straight from genus to cultivar. People actually pay money for plants without knowing their complete identity, like purchasing a Buick ‘Limited’ without knowing if it is a Skylark or an Electra!

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