Colorful but not flavorful ornamental pepper.

The red, orange, yellow, purple, white or almost black fruit of ornamental pepper that naturally develops in summer can be seen at any time of year because the plants are grown in artificial greenhouse environments. The peppers are usually small and narrow, and stand upright above their glossy rich green foliage. Some are narrower. Others are a plumper. Technically, the fruit is edible, but it is not as flavorful as peppers grown for culinary purposes.

Because the plants are sensitive to frost, they are more often grown as houseplants than out in the garden. In the garden, they need shelter to survive as perennials. As houseplants, they need warm and sunny exposure in order to bloom and develop fruit. They should be watered regularly, but only as their potting soil is starting to get dry.

Look but do not bother tasting.

4 thoughts on “Ornamental Pepper

  1. Always wondered if they were of any culinary worth. I suppose I could have tasted one, but quite honestly, I was a bit chicken, thinking they would set my gullet on fire. Good to know I should stick with the regular kind. đŸ™‚

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    1. It seems like such a weird potted plant to me. They are so ornate, but otherwise so useless. Other potted plants do not try to pretend to be useful for anything more than being ornate, and they are darn good at it.

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