Rhody misses his work. (This picture is from two weeks ago.)

All this time off from so much of my work has been great! I am developing a new vegetable garden where there had been only trash and bramble. I get to plant grapevines and a few fruit trees. When finished with that, I will work on grooming all the canned stock in the storage and recover nursery.

I do miss work though. It is also a bummer that while the landscapes are at their best and most prolific with bloom, there is no one here to see it.

Furthermore, there is concern with how the landscapes are neglected. Fortunately, most of what is out there does not even know that it is being neglected. Also fortunately, someone is allowed to mow the vast lawns, since they are the majorly important features that would not survive neglect for long.

Other facilities that I am not involved with are more important now. There is less wear and tear without anyone here. Consequently, there is less need for maintenance. Nonetheless, issues come up. The most important issues get dealt with. Some of the more minor issues get deferred.

Some of the guys of the Maintenance Crew come by occasionally as they work on projects around their homes. Some use the tools here. Some just drop of trash. Of course, Rhody thoroughly exploits such opportunities to catch up on some of his neglected work. He is very career oriented, and takes his work very seriously. The crew helps him with his tasks any way they can.

There is an old whiteboard in an office that has not been used since a system that uses telephones was adopted a long time ago. The tasks listed (below) for Allan were there more than two years ago. Jim’s tasks were completed and erased prior to that, but not added to . . . until recently. The guy who previously used the column to right no longer works here. It is Rhody’s now.

We all have quite a bit of work to catch up on.

16 thoughts on “Getting Behind

  1. World domination!!! We’d be better off. I hope the new garden goes well. Love the fact that people have duties that include petting Rhody. I weeded in my garden today. Lovely sunshine and temperatures!

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