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P71029+Remember the movie from 1988? I don’t either. I never saw it. Gang violence is not my idea of a good time. The title ‘Colors’ refers to the use of distinguishing colors by the gangs of Los Angeles. Gang members wear colors that correspond to their respective gang affiliation.

As autumn progresses, some of us get to gloat about our colors. New England gets the most and best colors, with a full range of reds, oranges and yellows, as well as browns and burgundies. The Appalachian Mountains to the south seem to go lighter on the reds and burgundies, concentrating more on oranges. The upper Midwest around Minnesota excels at the rich reds, with yellows confined to groves of cottonwoods. The lower Midwest does well with clear browns alternating with yellows, and even some oranges. The Rocky Mountains have a good range of color, with more gold than the Appalachians…

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4 thoughts on “Colors

    1. Sweetgum is surprisingly popular in Australia . . . because Australia gets such minimal foliar color in autumn. I get it. I happen to be very fond of the native bigleaf maple, but I do like good color in autumn too.

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  1. Orange seems to be the color of the year in the Hudson Valley and Connecticut. And, I love that movie. Robert Duvall Sean Penn are great. Why dismiss the work of others when it is enough to celebrate the glory of creation?

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    1. I dismiss quite a bit of creation because it does not appeal to me. Regardless of how well done the movie is, I do not need to see it. There are less well done movies that I would prefer.


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