Articles such as this one from three years ago are why I now typically write to comply with the ‘Horridculture’ theme on Wednesdays.

Tony Tomeo

P71104Gardening is not for everyone. If you are reading this, you probably enjoy gardening. There are many more people who simply are not interested in it. Some tend to their own gardens in a basic manner just to keep their homes looking good. Most hire gardeners to maintain their landscapes for them.

I use the term ‘maintain’ very lightly. What they really do is keep the lawn from getting too deep, and other plants from getting too overgrown. Very few really care how they accomplish these basic requirements.

I could go into the detail about how they brag about saving water while wasting enough to drown trees, or how they shear everything within reach into nondescript . . . whatever they get shorn into, or how most problems that arborists encounter in their work are caused by gardeners. Instead, I am just gong to talk briefly about two examples of…

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2 thoughts on “Seriously?!

  1. I once had a “gardener” that cut my pineapple sage and garden sage down to the ground. They thought they would grow back just like roses. No, they just died. Not even roses are cut to the ground! Several months later I finally got a chance to see him when his crew was at my house and told him not to have anything cut like that, and he told me to be patient that they would still grow back! I don’t have gardeners anymore!!!

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    1. Some of my work in the past was inspecting landscapes. It was horrid! Many clients ask for referrals for ‘good’ gardeners, and I just do not have any. Some payed millions for their homes, and do not mind paying whatever it takes to maintain the landscapes, but are just out of luck.


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