Ha! This old article shows how less uptight I was about blogging three years ago.

Tony Tomeo

04Now that I have been watching a few other blogs for three months, I notice that some people write some very interesting or at least entertaining articles about topic that are not directly related to the main topic of their respective blogs. Most are just like old fashioned slide shows (remember those?) with cool pictures from around the neighborhood, travels, home projects, or whatever might be interesting. I have not done this yet; but I happen to have a bit of free time at the moment, so thought that I would post these three pictures of the historic Felton Covered Bridge. Although I am technically from Los Gatos, my home is in the Santa Cruz Mountains between Los Gatos and Felton. I also have history in Felton, since my grandparents and my Pa used to live here.

In an attempt to keep this post relevant to horticulture, I should mention…

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4 thoughts on “Felton Covered Bridge

    1. They are rare in California, although there happens to be three just on the San Lorenzo River. This one has the distinction of being the tallest covered bridge in America. There are a few more covered bridges in Oregon.

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    1. It was closed to cars decades go. I do not remember when. A big plaque at the West end briefly describes some of the history, and mentions that the bridge was closed before my time. However, I thought I could remember cars driving over it when I was very young. If necessary, a car needed to wait for an oncoming car to pass through, since the bridge is barely wide enough for two cars to pass each other. It is not only a pedestrian bridge now, but also a venue for craft fairs and such. It is like a big barn that is open at both ends.


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