This old article from 2017 is not so horticulturally oriented, but is one of my favorites.

Tony Tomeo

P71203Matthew McDermott got this picture, which was actually part of a video, of a tree burning from within during the devastating fires in Sonoma County last October 9. Many of us saw it in the news. It is actually not as uncommon as it would seem to be. Interior wood is more combustible, and sometimes already well aerated from decay, so can burn if exposed to fire through wounds or cavities, while the exterior of the same tree resists combustion. This is why there are so many big and healthy coastal redwoods with burned out hollow trunks. Of course, trees more commonly burn from the outside.

Once burned, charred wood is resistant to decay. Redwoods and cedars are resistant to decay anyway, so once charred and doubly resistant, they can stand for decades.

When my younger brother and I were little tykes, one such charred cedar lived at our maternal…

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4 thoughts on “Tree Monster

    1. The Tree Monster? It was very scary back then. The burning tree in the picture was near one of the historic fires here, so was not in a pleasant situation. You probably would not have wanted to see it.


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