Here we have some three year old horticultural sci-fi.

Tony Tomeo

P71231The “Poly” in Cal Poly is for “Polytechnic”, as in there are multiple schools within “California Polytechnic State University” at San Luis Obispo. There were seven school when I was there between 1985 and 1990. I was a student of the “School of Agriculture”. “Horticulture” was my “Major”, or major realm of study within this school. Within this major, I selected “Floriculture and Nursery Production” as my “Concentration” of study. That certainly is a lot of quotation marks.

While majoring in horticulture at Cal Poly, I studied with students whose concentrations of study were within “Landscaping” or “Floral Design”. Withing the School of Agriculture, we studied with students who majored in “Crop Science” or “Animal Science” and so on. Like horticulture, each of those other majors was divided into other concentrations.

Then there were all those students of the other six schools, which I will not even get into because…

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4 thoughts on “Arboriculture: Deep Space Nine

  1. Great story. I wish my landscape architect would have expanded into other fields. He planted many things in the wrong places and did not survive. Of course, at first they looked great and everything was well balanced. I love any Trek shows and we used to have pizza every time we watched.

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    1. It is better if landscape architects concentrate on what they are good at. My colleague down south is a landscape designer, and is very good at it. He never consults with me about design. I can only help him with horticultural and arboricultural issues. I really have no use for design.

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