Sadly, the not so little Monterey pine in the old school yard is now gone. Unfortunately, they do not last long in the chaparral climate of the Santa Clara Valley.

Tony Tomeo

P80131So the spelling is a bit . . . off. Ignore the ‘E’ before ‘If’ and the ‘n’ after ‘grow’. They are crossed out . . . sort of. ‘wont’ means ‘want’. ‘haf’ means ‘have’, as in ‘have to’ or ‘need to’. It made sense at the time, more than four decades ago. Perhaps I should rephrase it.

If you want your garden to grow, you must talk to it.

You must talk to your garden in order for it to grow.

Your garden requires regular discourse for healthy growth.

This concept dates from a time of big Boston ferns and spider plants suspended by coarse macrame with big wooden beads. Coleus and rubber tree were popular house plants too. Remember terrariums? There were big flowered daisies, tam junipers and big petunias in the yard. A group of three European white birches was cool, as if it was somehow unique…

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8 thoughts on “If you want your garden to grow, you have to talk to it.

  1. What a great post. For one thing, you brought back to mind those macrame-and-bead hangers. And the three birches. We had them when I was in high school. They were relatively short-lived, but I loved them, and kept some of the logs for years. As for talking to plants? I just mentioned to those on my patio that, yes, they would be coming in when the big freeze arrives next weekend. I certainly wouldn’t leave them out in the cold.

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