Horridculture is worse when I can not blame someone else for it.

Tony Tomeo

P71231It was probably one of the best television shows for children back then, and probably still is. Everyone of my generation in American remembers Sesame Street. We all identified with it, even if our neighborhood did not look like Sesame Street, or lacked the variety of neighbors. Sesame Street sometimes took us on television field trips to other neighborhoods. Some were more familiar. Those that were more foreign were presented within a compelling and inviting context that got us interested in how other children lived within their respective societies.

Some kids lived in big cities and rode on buses. Others lived in suburban areas with big gardens. Some lived on farms with hens and cows. There were even kids who lived near a forest surrounded by big tall evergreen trees. The trees were probably the firs, spruces and hemlocks of New Hampshire. I do not remember. I just knew I…

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4 thoughts on “Sesame Street Was Wrong!

    1. It was not the last time Sesame Street was wrong. I can remember when Big Bird talked about an egg. I do not remember what it was all about, but I was concerned that this eggs just appeared on Sesame Street, without concern about the mother bird who was supposed to be taking care of it. Was Big Bird the father, or babysitter . . . or whatever?! Maybe it was just a big hen egg, without a father. Anyway, the egg was not there in another episode, which was even more disturbing. Was it given up for adoption, or did it just go home to its mother? Eventually, Big Bird explained that she is transgender female who lives as a male, which was WAY more information than I wanted after growing up with him/her.

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