after all these years, I still do not know what these diminutive white flowers in this recycled article are.

Tony Tomeo

P80217+K1There are so many big trees in the Santa Cruz Mountains that keep most of us looking up. It is easy to miss much of the understory plants that grow on the forest floor.

While getting the pictures for the ‘Six on Saturday’ article posted earlier, I happened to notice these few small pale flowers that contrasted more with their own dark green foliage than they would have if they were more brightly colored. Perhaps that is a technique to get the attention of pollinators. It certainly got my attention.P80217+K2.JPGThe flowers were not completely white. They were very pale hues of pink. The wood sorrel in the last picture was slightly more pinkish than the unidentified cruciferous (of the family Cruciferae) flowers of the first two pictures. Pale flowers, particularly those that seem to be adorned with barely perceptible patterns, are typically those that use infrared and ultraviolet color…

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2 thoughts on “Little League

    1. Oh wow! It certainly looks like that. This is not within its native range. Many species are naturalized here, or at least self sow from plants in the neighborhood above, including some that were not planted intentionally. It is doubtful, but possible, and the best option so far.


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