It is still the first week of February as I schedule this recycled article to post on the last day of February. I do not know what the weather will be like then (which is now). However, I can guess that after such pleasant weather earlier, there has been some cooler and rainier weather, and it may be cool and rainy now (at the end of the month). Cool and rainy weather is not a problem in February. The pleasant weather in between is what can be a problem for plants that prefer more of a winter.

Tony Tomeo

P80110It is certainly not as cold as it is in other regions at or north of this latitude. Nor is it unusually cold for this time of year. It is not stormy. We got only a few heavy but brief rain showers with a bit of small hail. A slight bit of snow fell only on the Summit of the Santa Cruz Mountains

The problem is that the weather had been so mild earlier, and at times, downright warm. Many plants were coerced into premature bloom. Some started to generate new spring growth. When the weather suddenly became more seasonably cool, many of the flowers and new growth got frosted and ruined.

Fortunately, most of the deciduous fruiting trees seemed to know what they were being set up for, and abstained from bloom. So far, even the early blooming apricots, cherries, almonds prunes and plums are safe. The wild American…

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