Do you know the way to San Jose?

Juniper seedlings are initially outfitted with needle-like juvenile foliage. As they mature, most develop scale-like adult foliage. ‘San Jose’ juniper is the juniper that does not want to grow up. Even very old specimens exhibit odd tufts of juvenile foliage. Variegated ‘San Jose’ juniper has random cream colored blotches. The angular but sprawling stems can spread more than six feet wide without getting two feet deep.


2 thoughts on “‘San Jose’ Juniper

    1. Actually, it was likely derived from (two types of) mutant growth that was perpetuated because of its appeal, but would not have lasted long in nature. ‘San Jose’ juniper (without variegation) was likely isolated as a cultivar because of its mix of juvenile and adult foliage. The variegated cultivar likely appeared later, and was also perpetuated as a cultivar. As unnatural as they are, and even though the species is not native, they happen to fit into a natural landscape quite nicely, and provide transition between refined landscapes and natural landscapes.

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