Although not a sequel to the old article that was recycled an hour ago, this old article seems to naturally follow it. (It mentions that it posted a day later, which it did when it originally posted, but it is just an hour later now. It also mentions one of the old recycled articles from the gardening column that posted earlier that morning, which was three years ago. Hey, it made sense at the time.)

Tony Tomeo

10914This is not sequel to ‘SNOW!?’ from yesterday.

Nor is it a sequel to any of the other brief article about rain in the past.

I just recycled the picture because I still find it to be amusing.

If you are a native of California like I am, and are wondering what ‘rain’ is; I have already explained it sufficiently in previous articles. Basically, it is those unfamiliar droplets of water that fall mysteriously from the sky and get everything wet. Look it up if you must.

The article that I posted earlier this morning was recycled from this time last year, long before I started posting articles here. Our rain has actually been very deficient. It has rained only a few times this season.

We tend to talk about rain often here because it is so important to us. So much of California gets such a limited supply. Although…

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