No one had heard of it when this article posted three years ago; but does this suspended colony of staghorn fern look like a Coronavirus?

Tony Tomeo

P80415Staghorn ferns are epiphytes. They cling to tree trunks, rocks or whatever they happen to grab onto. They can root into decayed wood if it is porous enough, but they are satisfied to just cling to the exterior. They do not need soil. They sort of make their own soil by collecting debris that falls from the canopies of trees above. In the jungles where they live, they get all the water they need from rain. They often live in the crotches of branches because that is where they happen to land. (The epiphyte I wrote about earlier was just a palm that landed in the wrong place, but is not really an epiphyte. )

In home gardens, staghorn ferns are often grown on wooden plaques so that they can be moved around like potted plants. Because it does not rain much here, they need to be watered occasionally…

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2 thoughts on “Stag Party

    1. Yes, they like it damp, or at least humid. They get watered very regularly in the Los Angeles region, as well as here. They also like warm weather. We really want to grow more here, but they do not do as well, and might freeze completely every so often. I do not want to put so much work into them for a long time if they will only freeze to death every few years.

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