Finally, a recycled article that ‘almost’ conforms to the ‘Horridculture’ meme for Wednesday. I do find the unpleasant stigma of junipers to be objectionable.

Tony Tomeo

P80519KOh, the stigma of juniper never gets old! No matter how many cool new cultivars get introduced, and how many specie get rediscovered, they are still though of as those nastily prickly ‘tams’ that were too common in the 1950s. Even some of us who really like junipers dislike tams, not only because they share their stigma with all other members of the genus, but also because they really are nasty and prickly, and not as useful as their overuse would suggest. Are they deep ground cover or shallow shrubbery? They might work for a few years, or maybe many years, but they eventually crash into each other or other plants and pile up into a dense thicket that can not be pruned without being deprived of all dignity.

In the neighborhood where I primarily work, we have a ‘do not plant’ list. Such lists typically cite specie that are…

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2 thoughts on “Jumping Juniper!

  1. There are several Eastern Red Cedar here on the farm and throughout the country side. I always liked several Juniper cultivars that don’t get that large. I would prefer them over the Yew in front of the house. When I first moved to the farm in 1981, my grandparents had several overgrown Juniper along the front of the house. I gave them a good pruning and they never greened up from the top after that. The mat-forming cultivars are really neat as well as the gold-tipped.

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    1. Those who were acquainted with Eastern red cedar where we were in Oklahoma were none too keen on them. They could not understand why I was so pleased to find them. I took a few back, and three of them are here now. One was a recent acquisition from where it had been planted earlier. I know they do not look like much, but I like them because they are a native species of North America, particularly Oklahoma! I really have no idea what I will do with them.

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