Horridculture on Wednesdays used to be about aberrations of horticulture. I would contend that this recycled article could potentially conform to that tradition; but that is because I find disruptive wildlife to be objectionable. I suspect that most would disagree. It seems that everyone likes Kenny. https://tonytomeo.com/2018/09/16/kenny/

Tony Tomeo


‘O’ is for ‘opossum’. That it the proper common name for the familiar North American critter who lives in or near many home gardens where fruit, vegetables or pet food are available. When a similar critter was found in Australia, it was given the same name by someone who did not spell it properly, hence ‘possum’. It is marsupial, and therefore related to many familiar Australian critters like koalas, kangaroos and the most terrifying of all, wallabies. Well, if the North American name can be applied to an Australian critter, it only makes sense that the Australian name can be applied to the North American critter. Thought technically and correctly ‘opossum’, many of us know them simply as ‘possum’, without the preceding ‘O’.

Opossums have a vast native range in North America. They can live anywhere that does not get too cold for them. They have likely always lived in…

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5 thoughts on “O

    1. Romantic? They are not the prettiest of critters. I would prefer them to stay out of the garden. Fortunately, they are mostly nocturnal, and do not take very much of the produce from the garden. I do not mind sharing while they are polite and discrete about it.


    1. Is it common for them to be active during the day as well? I can not attest to what they do at night, but on rare occasion, I have seen them out and about during the day in the Santa Clara Valley. In Beverly Hills, I saw them only in the evening. I suspect that they were more exclusively nocturnal there.

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