This recycled article explains why I purchase almost nothing from nurseries.

Tony Tomeo

P80609KNurseries are full of plants for sale. That is their business. They sell plants, and whatever plants need. With a bit of money, it is easy to purchase plants to compose an exquisite landscape. That is important to landscape professionals who make a business of composing landscapes to beautify the environments in which they work.

Those of us who enjoy home gardening might also purchase plants that we want for our garden. Yet, our home gardens are more than mere landscapes that are designed to simply beautify. The might also produce flowers for cutting, fruits and vegetables. Some might produce firewood. Gardens are usable spaces for active lifestyles. They are spaces for us to grow whatever we want to grow.

I buy almost nothing for my garden. The last item I purchased was a ‘John F. Kennedy’ rose, and I only did so because it was easier than growing one…

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2 thoughts on “Souvenir

  1. A lot of my plants come from somewhere, or from seed. But I still manage to buy too much every year. Less as I get older. The two Iris in your post are exceptionally beautiful. Especially the first one, with the velvety petals, Wow is a huge understatement.

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    1. The bloom of that particular cultivar are particular wide. I got it from a friend in the East Hills of San Jose, before he relocated to Hilo. It was a bummer that he had to leave so much in his garden. His son lives there now, but prefers to grow only fruits and vegetables.

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