After the historically warm weather in the Pacific Northwest, I can guess that this is a common theme there.

Tony Tomeo

P80715KThis really is the best climate here. Winters are just cool enough for many plants that require a bit of a chill, but not unpleasantly cold. Summers are just warm enough for most plants that need warmth, but the weather does not stay too unpleasantly hot for too long. Warm weather here typically lasts no more than a week, and is accompanied by light evening breezes and cooler nights. Minimal humidity typically makes the worst of the heat a bit more tolerable.
While much of North America and parts of Europe were experiencing abnormally and uncomfortably warm weather earlier in summer, our weather somehow stayed relatively mild. For a while, it was significantly warmer in Portland than here. It certainly was nothing to complain about. Vegetable plants that crave warmth were not too inhibited by the mild weather. Flowers that typically deteriorate in warm and arid summer weather lasted a…

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2 thoughts on “Krispy Kritter

  1. I have family members as well as friends in the Pacific Northwest, & they (& their plants & animals) have all been amazed — but not in a good way — by the crazy heat wave. 😦 I hope everyone is able to recover.

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    1. It was grim. Such weather would not be so bad here, but only because people here are set up for it. Some landscapes in the Pacific Northwest are not even outfitted with automated irrigation systems!


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