This house looks just as good as it did half a century ago, and really has not changed much.

Tony Tomeo

P80923It was so long ago that I barely remember it. I was just a little tyke. My older sister tripped on the driveway and broke one of the Japanese boxwood shrubs in the hedge on the edge of the driveway and front walkway. The hedge was still young then, and not completely filled in. My Pa replaced the missing shrub shortly afterward, but not before my younger brother and I learned that the gap was a shortcut through the hedge. The puny new shrub was not enough to compel us to go around like we had done before. Of course, it did not survive for long. It too got broken off.
We did feel sort of guilty, but only for a while. The second shrub was replaced with a third, which seemed like it should be sufficient to patch the gap in the otherwise formally shorn hedge. We were careful…

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7 thoughts on “Guilt Trip

    1. I happen to like formal hedges, but find them to be a source of major disappointment professionally. I seriously can not get so-called ‘gardeners’ to maintain them properly! They are always wider on top, rather than narrower or vertical, and they ALWAYS hang over pavement. No matter how much I explain that the pavement is there for a reason EVERY ‘gardener’ allows hedges to hang over it. Besides that, hedges are unnecessarily wide, as if the extra depth somehow makes them more effective. Wow! I am working on a pair of formal hedges now that I used to maintain when I was a kid. I renovated them a few times over they years, but gardeners just will not maintain them properly.

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      1. They seem to inch their way wider and taller and have to be cut back more now and then. I don’t like it when I am working on a plan and someone else comes along and trims a time or two with no plan. I trim the hedge I work on a couple of inches from the edge of the sidewalk and try to make sure it is even in every direction. There are those areas where it doesn’t grow as well which is sometimes a pain. I have been working on the yew in front of my house for 8 years trying to get it “just right”. Still not there!

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      2. Those who charge significantly to maintain hedges for their clients should know how to do so properly. That is why I find it to be so infuriating. It does not bother me so much among non ‘professionals’.

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