Violas are smaller versions of pansies.

This is one of the more familiar of winter annuals. Yet, pansy, Viola X wittrockiana, is not just one species. It is a diverse group of hybrids of a few species, and includes viola and Johnny-jump-up. Generally, viola and Johnny-jump-up have smaller and simpler flowers. Pansy generates relatively larger and more colorful flowers, with more intricate patterns.

The most recognizable feature of popular pansy is the distinctive floral patterns that look like floral faces. Individual flowers may display a few distinct colors within such patterns. Alternatively, flowers may be a single color. The color range includes white, blue, purple, yellow, orange, rusty red and black. Big flowers can be as wide as two and a half inches. 

Locally, pansy is a winter annual. The best bloom begins about now. If the coolest winter weather inhibits bloom, it is only temporary. Bloom is likely to resume before a lapse gets obvious. Although pansy is a summer annuals in other climates, it does not perform well in the locally arid climate during warm weather. Plants might get six inches tall and wide.


10 thoughts on “Pansy

    1. They are difficult to dislike. Even I would grow them, and I do not waste my effort on annual color. However, when I grew a few many years ago, they were all white, which is rather boring for them. I may grow them for the following winter (2022/2023), and would like to try alternating white with black.

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  1. I love them and plant them in autumn too. They usually die back in winter here and then bounce back in spring, even after very cold periods. Just a little sunshine and they are rejuvenated! They seed around too. šŸ˜ƒ

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      1. Precisely, especially with flowers that do it so well. Although white is my favorite color, it is not the best color for all flowers, and many flowers are at their best with other colors. Pansies can provide such distinctive colors and color combinations!


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