This one is short and simple, from three years ago.

Tony Tomeo

Q: What do I spray on may medicinal marijuana plants to kill mealybug?
A: Roundup.
This solutions takes care of two problems at the same time; the mealybug infestation as well as the weed that it is growing on! Cutting the weed at the base and simply discarding it is just as effective and even more practical because it does not involve a toxic, environmentally controversial, and expensive chemical herbicide. The best option is to simply not grow weed in the first place.
I am a horticulturist. I love what I do. I love plants. However, I do not worship them.
When I grew citrus trees back in the early 1990s, I happened to enjoy all sorts of rare and unusual citrus fruit that grew on the trees that we grew. However, there were no citrus themed clothing, jewelry, accessories, home furnishings or tattoos. There was no overly indulgent or…

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2 thoughts on “Horridculture – WEED!

  1. I have often wondered why, whenever I used to browse in one of the larger bookstores in person, there were always so many examples of marijuana-growing books in the Gardening section, compared to any other plant-specific volumes. And this was years before it became legal in my state (which was this year). It made no sense: One book about roses, or clematis, or bulbs – but a half dozen different books on how to grow something that wasn’t (at the time) even legal to do, lol. Weird.

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    1. Canna indica is somewhat popular in home gardens, but far less popular than Cannabis indica online. Search engines simply assume that I intend to search for the latter if I type in the former. It is annoying. Nonetheless, it is dictated by the priorities of society nowadays.


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