Perhaps, if I ever get around to cutting flowers to bring in, I should try pampas grass bloom. Not only is it a striking cut flower, but cutting it to bring it in inhibits its dispersion of seed.

Tony Tomeo

P81020‘V-A-S-E ‘ is probably how it is spelled, just like that which is pronounced exactly as it looks, or ‘vays’. ‘Vahz’, ‘vawz’ or ‘voz’ just sounds fancier, . . . or bigger.

That is how I learned it. ‘Vays’ is the smaller version that is designed to contain one or only a few flowers and maybe some foliage. ‘Vahz’, ‘vawz’ or ‘voz’ is the much larger version that is designed to contain entire bouquets or ‘floral arrangements’. Those that contain only dried flowers and foliage do not even need to hold water.

I learned this from those who were experts on the subject. My Aunt Betsy and her best friend Cathy were ‘flower children’. They rented an apartment in a hip and trendy neighborhood in western San Jose back in the early 1970s. The neighborhood was so trendy and hip that the neighbors were known as ‘hippies’. Aunt Betsy and…

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4 thoughts on “Vahz, Vawz or Voz

    1. Are you done thinking about it? If not, you should be. Although the flowers, particularly those of the garden varieties, are spectacular, the common naturalized species (which is different from the garden varieties) naturalizes aggressively, and is extremely difficult to eradicate. Because its seed disperses very remotely, it should not be brought into a region where it is not yet naturalized. Even the garden varieties are difficult to work with. They get very large, and can not be contained without compromising their billowy texture. The foliage is outfitted with dangerously sharp edges that cause major paper cuts. It is very unpleasant to handle! Pampas grass is appealing where it has room to grow, and does not need much attention, but requires more work than it is worth in confined home gardens.

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      1. It is cool in pictures. My colleague down south really likes it, but only uses the modern cultivars, and only where they have space to develop properly. I sometimes think that I would like to grow it in my own garden, but the sort that I remember is the terribly invasive Cortaderia jubata that give all pampas grass a bad reputation. I would only grow it if I lived in an urban area, where it can not escape into the wild, and in such an area, I would not likely have space for it. I will not grow it here. I will not likely grow a modern cultivar either, just because I am not familiar with them.

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