Gads! It is my least favorite Holiday!

Tony Tomeo

P81031All Saints’ Day is November 1. As the name implies, it is a feast day that honors all Saints. It is one of the most important Holy Days of the Catholic Church. Yet, not many of us know about it.
We are much more familiar with the day before, which had been known as All Hollows’ Eve, and is now known simply as Halloween. Although some of the associated traditions are fun for children, Halloween has become an excuse for people to dress up in costumes, party, ruin perfectly good pumpkins, and behave stupidly. What an unsaintly way to celebrate, just prior to the day designated to honor all Saints!
Saint Patrick’s Day is no better. People dress up in green, party, exchange disposable potted shamrocks, and behave stupidly, all on a day that had been designated to honor a Saint whom they know very little about, and care even…

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2 thoughts on “Horridculture – All Hallows’ Eve

    1. I loathe the stupid traditions and the desecration of what should be respectable Holidays. However, my former neighborhood in town was very popular for trick or treating. There were almost no children living there, but parents brought their children from miles away. Because of the apartments buildings, there were many doors to knock on within minimal proximity. Also, it was a very safe neighborhood. The children from other towns were so much more civilized than the horrid local brats; and it really was delightful to see them having fun in our neighborhood. We gave them a lot of candy.


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