This is just too weird for me to comment on again.

Tony Tomeo

P81121Two others have already written about this far more proficiently than I would have:
These two articles say it all. I would not have bothered to write about it too if I had not already taken the picture above. I did not read the label to learn what one of these articles said about why these bulbs were waxed. It seals in moisture, so that the bulbs do not desiccate while they bloom without water or moist media. They at least get water when forced by the conventional manner.
I suppose to many who force amaryllis bulbs, there is no problem with waxing them like this, since they are typically discarded as their forced bloom deteriorates. There is no expectation for the bulbs to survive the process to regenerate and bloom the following year.
We can at least pretend that we intend to nurture amaryllis bulbs that bloom…

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10 thoughts on “Horridculture – Just When You Thought It Couldn’t Get Any Sillier . . .

  1. I have seen them coated in amazing multicoloured wax here. I can’t say I am impressed. It’s like the Poinsettias sold around Christmas here in shades of artificial blue and sprayed with glitter…… not my cup of tea!

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  2. I do wonder how effective the wax actually is, also. In 2020 I ordered some winter aconite from Old House Gardens because supposedly their bulbs in wax, which (again supposedly) keeps them from drying out and thus improves the odds that they will actually come up. I actually had a worse “success percentage” with those than I’d had when planting untreated ones, lol! And of course the waxed ones were more expensive.

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