Oh my! This one is difficult to see again.

Tony Tomeo

P90206Okay, we get it; someone really hates trees. That’s fine. Trees are not for everyone. Just cut it down. Put it out of it’s misery. Take away the useless lodgepole stake and strap along with it. Maybe those Canary Island date palms that look like the home of SpongeBob SquarePants in the background will recover from their own form of abuse to compensate for the loss of this seemingly unwanted goldenrain tree.
Apparently, it is not that simple. This goes beyond a dislike of trees, or a mere desire to kill them. This tree seems to have been tortured by someone who enjoys it WAY too much. There were others that were similarly disfigured in this same parking lot in the north of San Jose. They were not pollarded. They were not pruned. There were mutilated, but kept alive for more of the same.
What is worse is that someone…

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6 thoughts on “Horridculture – Disdain For Trees

    1. The tree would have been gone if it were harvested for firewood. Besides, in that region, fireplaces are very rarely used. It is no longer part of the culture. It is weird.


      1. Obviously, he was not even slightly concerned if anyone noticed. There was no attempt to conceal the damage. All the trees within the parking lot were damaged in the same manner.


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