Only two or perhaps three of these six pictures were taken in Watts. Furthermore, those towers in the backgrounds of pictures #3 and #4, although only a few blocks west of the Watts Towers, and supporting massive volumes of wattage, are merely electricity pylons. It is unimportant. Actually, these five images and one video are assembled together here only so that I need not discard them unused. Brent will not stop sending them. Now that these are the last for the moment, I can post more interesting or at least relevant images next week. I must share pictures of the esperanza and poinciana seed getting sown. Also, we moved a Mediterranean fan palm.

1. Brent can not stop taking selfies. Carly Simon sang about this sort of behavior in 1972; ‘You’re so vain.’ Here, he wants to be seen in a hard hat like my arborist colleagues wear. 

2. Old sycamores that Brent saved from certain doom are a much more important topic. Developers who want them out of their way said that the bare deciduous trees had died.

3. Tristania laurina is an exemplary small street tree for many of the narrow streets that Brent installs street trees on. This matured crop are exemplary #5 (5 gallon) specimens.

4. Minor lower growth that got pruned away promoted caliper growth. Those are not the Watts Towers, although they are only a few blocks to the west, and support many watts.

5. Brent wants to show off a new publication that features his home garden, or his work, or some such nonsense. I did not write the particular article, so it must not be very good. 

6. Brent’s home garden is SO crowded with SO much vegetation and other ‘stuff’. What a mess! It could be a hazardous situation during an earthquake. This one was very minor.

This is the link for Six on Saturday, for anyone else who would like to participate:


19 thoughts on “Six on Saturday: Brent’s Pointless Pictures III – Watts Towers

    1. All that bare ground, cyclone fencing and electrical towers, with the Tristania laurina in the foreground, and all that nursery stock in the background, is actually not Brent’s garden. It is a nursery in Watts. It looks to be quite efficient, like the sort of nursery that I used to operate. The last video shows Brent’s garden, with all that overgrown and horridly unsightly vegetation, which is in need of some major deforestation.

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  1. I’m sorry but I really do like Brent’s garden. My type of “mess”. Hopefully too he will keep sending you pictures and hopefully you will keep posting them. Ask for more pictures, with some descriptive text as well of Brent’s “overgrown and horridly unsightly vegetation”.

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    1. Oh, there is no need to apologize for bad taste. I will share a few more pictures in the future, but not likely this next week. Many more pictures arrived immediately after I told Brent to stop clogging my telephone with all these pointless pictures.

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    1. They likely prefer the humidity in Florida. They want regular watering in the Los Angeles region. Some of Brent’s have gotten cumbersomely big. I would like to take two to hang under a pedestrian bridge above a patio at work, but I do not want anyone to think that I also have such bad taste. Besides, they are difficult to relocate, and are sensitive to even mild frost.

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      1. It is unlikely that I will ever bring any here anyway, even if I can find a small one. The few that I see in this region are relatively wimpy, and can get damaged by a mild frost, even though it does not get very cold here.


      2. People tend to grow more of what performs well and gives them minimal difficult; or that which performs well with minimal difficulty is most likely to survive and proliferate.


      3. They are difficult to contain. As they grow, there is no way to prune them back. Some of Brent’s started out as small colonies of pups from much larger colonies that needed to be dismantled.

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    1. You know, I have not seen the book yet. Perhaps I should get a walk through video of it when I am there. It is not a big space, so there is not as much to see as there seems to be.


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