Tomato champions the warm season vegetables.

Like most warm season vegetables, tomatoes, Solanum lycopersicum, are actually seed bearing fruit. They are both the most diverse and the most popular home grown produce. Grape tomatoes are smaller than little grapes. ‘Beefsteak’ can get wider than five inches. Although mostly red, some are yellow, orange, pink, green, brown, purple or pallid white. 

The most popular varieties of tomato for home gardens are indeterminate. They produce fruit sporadically throughout the season, on irregularly sprawling stems. Tomato cages or stakes support their growth. Shrubbier determinate varieties seem to be more productive only because all of their fruit develops within a brief season. They work well for canning.

Small tomato plants in cell packs and four inch pots, which are available from nurseries, should grow efficiently in the garden as the weather warms through spring. Varieties that are unavailable as small plants can grow from seed in cold frames through late winter, to be ready for the garden after last frost. Directly sown seed can be vulnerable to mollusks.


2 thoughts on “Tomato

  1. I planted tomato seeds (indoors) 4 days ago. Last year I grew San Marzanos, and the sauce I made with them was the best I’ve ever made! I’m growing more of them this year! I won’t plant them outside until the end of May, when danger of frost is gone, and the soil has warmed a bit. I probably won’t see my first ripe tomato until August.

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    1. Yes, the frost date is very different in different regions. This year is weird for us. We can normally grow them outside prior to their season if we want to, but frost continued very late.


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