Fortunately, this little tree is quite happy now, and those who operate weed eaters where it lives are instructed to not damage desirable plant material.

Tony Tomeo

P90410The most destructive tools that so-called ‘gardeners’ have access to are hedge shears. They use them on just about anything within their reach. If a tree is not beyond their reach, they are likely to shear it into a nondescript glob of a shrub, complete with lodgepole stakes and straps that never get removed. Yet, in all their enthusiasm, they will not properly shear hedges that are actually intended to be shorn. Well, I have ranted on that enough.
The second most destructive tools that so-called ‘gardeners’ have access to are weed eaters, which are also known as weed whackers or edgers. Although not actually related to real edgers, they are known as such just because they are so commonly used for the same purpose. Weed eaters are designed to cut weeds indiscriminately, and are quite efficient at doing so. The problem is that they cut or try to cut…

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10 thoughts on “Horridculture – Weed Eaters

    1. When I was inspecting landscapes for a so-called ‘big’ ‘landscape’ company, this was a common problem. No matter how regularly I told the account managers to instruct their crews properly, it was ALWAYS a problem. I would find fresh damage when I returned five weeks later. What was worse is that after thoroughly killing trees, the account manager would charge the clients for removal of the tree, and replacement with a new tree, which ultimately died in the same manner.

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    1. Yes, but mailbox posts take longer to succumb, and can be replaced. Nonetheless, it amazes me that a so-called ‘gardener’ can see the damage on such a post, and continue to whittle away at it for so long without any concern about the damage.

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    1. Oh, and in Long Beach (WA) in one of the parks where I had a mixed planting of grape hyacinth colors along the front, they would get weed-et by the city crew, leaving flowers on the lawn, and when I kvetched about it, the parks manager said I shouldn’t plant flowers on the edge. 🙄

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    2. What is worse is that I would tell accounts managers at the so-called ‘landscape company’ that I worked for about this sort of damage, but nothing would be done about it. The so-called ‘gardeners’ would kill trees, then charge for the removal of the dead trees, and then charge for planting news trees so that the process could start all over again. They were so-called ‘gardeners’ who should KNOW BETTER!


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