It is unfortunate that, regardless of the excellent climate and excellent soils, such minimal space within the Santa Clara Valley remains conducive to gardening.

Tony Tomeo

P90522There is no doubt that fences are useful for a variety of functions. They exclude deer from the garden. They confine livestock. For suburban homes, they enclose a relatively safe space for children and pets. Fences should be designed according to their intended functions. Those designed to exclude deer might be as simple as coarse mesh on posts. Those enclosing backyards might be more refined and compatible with the landscape.
Over the years, conformity to modern suburban and urban landscapes, as well as modern architecture and lifestyles, has changed the standards of how fences are designed. Low picket fences do not adequately obscure the scenery that adjacent and often dissimilar landscapes contribute to a view. Where common vegetable gardens might have been, most of us want private outdoor rooms, with a distinct style of landscape.
It seems that everyone wants privacy nowadays. Those who have no need for privacy will…

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4 thoughts on “Horridculture – High Fences

    1. Although I have not lived in a suburban neighborhood in a very long time, if I did, I would not want to be so isolated from my neighbors. I miss how neighbors would call me over to the fence to give me bags of fruits or vegetables with instruction to take them to my mother. We all grew too much of something, but none of the produce was wasted, and we got to share a lot of good produce without growing it. A next door neighbor grew a lot of excellent oranges. Another grew too many ‘Hachiya’ persimmons. Another had ‘Marsh’ grapefruit! It was awesome.

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